What to Look for in a Private Investigator 

You never know when you need a detective to help with your professional career or something personal. A private investigator can help get you out of a sticky situation. Think of some reasons why you need an agent to assist you. Here are some things to look for in a private investigator. 

Make Sure They’re Licensed

Before searching online for a private investigator near me, see if he’s licensed. Ensure they have a valid license in the state you need work done. Usually, when they have this legitimacy, they also keep insurance.

It’s hard to tell what can happen while out on the field. It protects you if the private investigator gets hurt while doing their job. It gives you some relief because you won’t be at fault. 

Check Their Qualifications

What’s their educational background? Do they have a degree in criminal justice or law? Having this background education can help them better understand the legalities of their private investigating.

They know how far they can push things without getting in trouble with the law. Not to mention, they can explain things for you if you decide to go with a case to defend yourself. 

Another thing you want to see is what they did before getting into private investigating. Check for military spy techniques or experience as an undercover cop. Stealth is imperative to being a private eye. 


If they are spying on someone and trying to get information to help your argument, they need to be quiet as a mouse. Professionals blend into the surroundings to keep a low profile. Also, see if they worked with any big agencies.

A freelance private investigator is good, but having a corporate background may show their range in the type of jobs they’ve completed. 

Quality Reviews

While you may get a recommendation for a gumshoe from your close friends, you want to have more opinions. The private detective may have done a quality job for your friend, but you have to look at other testimonies to help weed things out. Go online to various forums and listings for private eye companies. 

You can see whether or not the people in your area like the detective. Find any positive and negative trends to back up their claims. You can interview to see the passion in their voice and how they can help you.

The right private investigator can help you in your social and business affairs.