Steps To Take After Slip-And-Fall At Work Including Hiring Slip And Fall Lawyers

Senior businessman falling near caution sign in hallway

You are in your cubicle, hard at work, when you hear the crash down the hall. Someone fell in the break room, and there’s no question that their injuries will make them miss at least one day of work to recover. Something similar could happen to you when it’s not your fault. In such a case, slip and fall lawyers will come in handy. Here are some guidelines on what to do if you slip and fall at work, so you’ll know what to do if it happens to you or your loved ones!

  • Report it Immediately To Your Employer

As soon as you realize that you’ve suffered slip and fall injuries on someone else’s property, including your workplace, it’s essential to report it immediately to someone in charge. Doing so will protect your right to compensation in case of a slip-and-fall accident. It’s crucial to record where exactly you slipped and how badly you were hurt.

It can be easy to discount how badly you were affected by an injury—especially if your pride is more hurt than anything else—but sometimes, even minor injuries may result in long-term complications. Letting things slip when it comes to reporting a slip-and-fall at work can put your legal rights at risk; Hence it’s crucial to contact the reliable slip and fall lawyers like the team from before assuming everything is okay after such an incident.

  • Talk With Your Fall and Slip Attorney

It’s always a good idea to talk with your slip-and-fall attorney in Toronto if you’ve fallen on someone else’s property, whether it be an office building or business. This way, you can address your slip and fall injury claims directly and help protect your rights as a victim. An experienced slip-and-fall lawyer will know what documents to ask for, such as pictures and surveillance footage from cameras in that area, so that you get all of the necessary information related to your case.

In addition, slip and fall lawyers Toronto will know how far back you should file a claim based on when you sustained injuries from falling at work (e.g., breaking your arm), which is essential information. Overall, it’s best to have legal representation by reliable slip and fall lawyers Toronto from a personal injury lawyers firm because they are knowledgeable about slip and fall law and can assist you during every step of filing your claim.

A reliable accident law firm is willing to go above and beyond to ensure you receive total compensation for everything, including any medical bills, lost wages while off work, pain, and suffering fees due to slips and falls happening at your place of work.


  • Get Clear Pictures and Accurate Notes

It’s crucial you take clear pictures of your injuries or, better yet, have someone else take them with a cell phone or digital camera. It’s essential to have visual evidence of your injuries if you need to sue for damages. The evidence is critical in helping you and your slip and fall lawyers calculate how much compensation you should receive for your pain and suffering—if that’s something you intend to pursue. Even if it isn’t, documenting your condition after an accident can prove crucial later on when proving fault.

For example, if you slip on a store floor and hurt yourself, taking photos will be critical if you’re trying to get reimbursed for any medical expenses. Taking accurate and detailed notes is equally as important. Write down where you suffered injuries and precisely what happened before, during, and after falling or slipping while at work. Ensure to include as many relevant details about your accident as possible; at some point down the road, a future employer may want to see proof that you were unable to work due to your injuries. And finally, don’t forget about police reports.

  • Get Medical Attention and Understand Your Rights

If you do slip-and-fall at work, be sure to get medical attention if necessary. Hiring a workplace injury lawyer is one of your best moves. Slip and fall lawyers Toronto will not only help you understand how legal procedures work in such cases—but they can also assess whether there was any negligence on behalf of your employer or co-workers.

It’s worth noting that even though it might seem like anyone who falls at work would have a valid slip-and-fall claim against their employer, many cases may fail the test. That’s where hiring an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer can make all the difference. They will know which ones have grounds for winning compensation and which don’t.


Slip-and-fall accidents can be lethal, but they’re avoidable. Taking care to watch your step, especially in places where it might be slick such as restrooms, is a simple way to reduce your chances of injury in an accident. Never hesitate to ask someone if something looks like it could cause you harm, either. It’s better to take precautions than risk falling at work! However, if you suffer slip and fall injuries while on company property, make sure you understand your rights under Ontario law by contacting reliable slip and fall lawyers like Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers. They will protect you and seek your rightful compensation.