How can a lawyer help me prove that my spouse has made me bankrupt?

Your spouse has spent all the money in your account, and now you are left bankrupt. Generally, bankruptcy refers to having no money in your bank account or being frauded financially by someone to such an extent that you are unable to pay back your debts, or it may sometimes refer to having huge irrecoverable debts to someone you owe. Many conflicts with your partner can lead to your partner bankrupting you before divorce, which might be a problem when facing property conflicts with your spouse. If you are facing such situations, consider contacting lawyers like the Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

Hiring a divorce lawyer

If your partner has made you bankrupt due to property conflicts, hire a legal expert who can help you find the best solutions to prove that your spouse has spent your money or has taken significant debts in your name. He can gather pieces of evidence against your spouse by arranging bank statements and legal documents to support your petition.

Filing lawsuit

If you and your partner are already going through a divorce case, you might need to file a different lawsuit for bankruptcy. In such cases, a divorce lawyer can help you with legal proceedings and paperwork to efficiently prepare your case for bankruptcy against your spouse.

Document reviews 

During a divorce, your spouse might lie and not disclose the financial activities. In such cases, you would need to prepare evidence like bank statements, debtor bills, property papers, and more expenditure bills to prove your petition strong in court.

Legal proceedings and lawsuit

After you have filed a lawsuit, your spouse may be cross-checked or questioned about all financial assets, debts, and bills related to the case. You will need to prove your points strong in front of the court so that your spouse is held responsible.

Dealing with divorce and bankruptcy at the same time can be struggling. When you face a situation where your spouse has made you bankrupt due to property conflicts and other issues, you will need strong evidence to support your case so that you can not only win the divorce case but also get back the money you owe from your spouse as compensation. It is never a wrong decision to have a legal expert by your side who knows the law well to deal with such kinds of situations efficiently.