Defending the Rights of Public Transport Passengers

Data from US Traffic Safety Administration states that there is around 25,000 people are victims of bus crashes every year. With Florida leading the fatal bus accidents charts with 100+ cases. The only way to fight with transport company lawyers is for the victim to hire one.

Such cases have a very distinct specific, so the expertise in any case outside of that field is rarely helpful. Most of the companies have an almost perfect strategy of the defense in order to avoid any compensations whatsoever. Without that money only 10% of victims has the insurance to cover all the expenses completely. A bus accident lawyer hired for an adequate price is the only way to oppose the corporate attorneys effectively. Other nuances was listed below!

A Strong Foundation

These people will help you to assemble the case considering all the possible nuances that average US vehicle crash victim encounters. During the legal fight it is also important to present proofs to the court in the right way. Above that, most of the accident specialists are familiar with all the car models and types involved in such crashes. There are some examples of these vehicles — school, motorcoach, small-distance, and vans.

Motorcoach stands for long-distance or interstate buses with all the conveniences inside. Such setup, unfortunately, lead to increasing number of victims compared to other types and competing only with school buses. For the past 40 years a total number of people injured in bus crashed declined by 30%. These mostly positive news darken by the fact that there are still some states with an absurdly high accident fatality rate.

The Root of the Problem

Another notable feat of the professional lawyer who can help you after bus accident is an ability to find the cause of it. This is the best starting point to pile proofs upon proofs and win the trial and monetary compensation.

For example:

  • One of the major problems of The United States transport industry is an increasing age of the vehicles. It is the result of high inflation and rising gas prices.
  • Second place is for the bad working ethics and unrealistic expectations drivers is suffering from transport organizations. Constant fatigue from overworking, risky driving or even drug usage has lethal consequences.

The main goal of a bus accident lawyer is to proof that it was the company’s fault and the working conditions. 85% of the transport accident cases were in favor of victims if they have used a professional help.