5 Risks of Not Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Deportation and detention are real risks to immigrants living in the United States. Similarly, anyone wanting to move to the U.S. will wade through forms to be filled out just so. Worse still, filling out those forms incorrectly could lead to getting banned from entering the United States and seeing friends and family! Here are 5 risks that result from not hiring an immigration lawyer. 

1. Aggravation 

One of the best reasons to hire an immigration lawyer is to save your sanity. There are so many forms and documents that many people don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to navigate them all. This can result in the forms getting sent back or the potential immigrant getting banned. But immigration lawyers handle these forms all the time. Among other services, they can provide you with peace of mind. 

2. Missing the Best Visa 

If you are unsure what kind of visa will work best for you and your family, you should consult an immigration lawyer. A good immigration lawyer will find the best visa for your situation. For example, there are specific types of investment visas, student visas, and the very popular K1 visa. Even if you think you know what visa you need, there may be a better fit you never thought of. 

3. Missing Emergency Help 

The legal process can be long and slow in the United States. But if you have the help of an immigration lawyer, you can sometimes get things done faster. Suppose you need travel documents because a disaster happened in your home country, or your child is just old enough to age out of the K2 visa if it doesn’t move through the system quickly enough. An immigration lawyer knows the ins and outs to move things along. And if you make fewer mistakes on your paperwork, things will go more quickly regardless. 

4. Missing Work 

Along with getting people visas, immigration lawyers can help immigrants get jobs. A good immigration lawyer can help you get work permits, special visas, and more depending on your occupation. They will also make sure your paperwork moves as smoothly through the system as possible. 

5. Getting Banned from the Country 

In the worst-case scenario, filling out a form incorrectly can lead to a ban. Many crimes that vary with state laws can qualify someone for deportation in immigration law. This means that not only will you not get your visa, but you will also be banned from traveling to the United States for anywhere from 3–20 years. You may also go to jail. An immigration lawyer will make sure neither of those things happens. 


An immigration lawyer is invaluable for immigrants living in the U.S. and people abroad seeking to move to the United States. Between being able to find the best visa and helping with work permits and other legal issues, finding an immigration lawyer near you might be the best investment you ever made. Perhaps most importantly, an immigration lawyer will save you so much frustration that the legal fees will pay for themselves. 

Remember: an immigration lawyer is there to advocate for you. Contact your nearest immigration lawyer for a consultation today.