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When should you call a private investigator?

There's no shame in asking for help if you have a problem. We all need the occasional hand from an expert, especially when it comes to big problems—like finding out someone is stalking you or trying to ruin your business. But why hire a private investigator? First, it's incredibly affordable...

7 Tips For Choosing A Good Lawyer

Bought a defective product, and the store does not want to exchange it? A relative has died, and will it be necessary to divide the assets of the inheritance? Decided to separate but can't agree on child custody? Do you want to file your retirement application but don't know what...

What Issues Can a Family Attorney Help Me With?

Consult a divorce attorney in Singapore if you're thinking about getting divorced. The attorney will initially offer advice on whether you can seek a divorce, given your circumstances. The attorney will investigate whether a disputed divorce or a simpler uncontested divorce would be to the greatest advantage of yourself and...

What Everyone Must Know About Protection Orders In Singapore?

A protection order is mainly the type of order, which is mainly issued by a court. This order mainly protects a person by ordering the other person to do, or not do, some particular things. Some of the important facts about applying for a protection order in Singapore have been...

Should I Sue After a Slip and Fall?

At Gruber Law Offices, we ensure that our highly skilled personal injury attorneys will bring justice and fair compensation to you. Many people suffer from the consequences of slipping and falling every year. According to data, 85% of worker’s compensation claims are linked to employees slipping on smooth floors. Slips...
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