What Everyone Must Know About Protection Orders In Singapore?

A protection order is mainly the type of order, which is mainly issued by a court. This order mainly protects a person by ordering the other person to do, or not do, some particular things. Some of the important facts about applying for a protection order in Singapore have been discussed in this article.

The condition under which one can apply for a protection order

A person can mainly apply for a protection order if:

  1. They mainly believe that they are the victim of any type of crime that involves stalking or harassment.
  2. A person believes that they are the victim of sexual assault,
  3. If  a person is mainly an agent of a business where the crime of harassment has occurred, or
  4. If a person is mainly a parent or guardian of a child and they mainly believe that the child has been the victim of the crime which is mainly categorized as harmful to minors.

A personal protection order is the type of the order from the court to protect someone from any violence or threat. The PPO mainly helps in protecting them from someone who can impose violence on them or their children.

Important facts to know about applying for the personal protection order

The PPO mainly takes around 3 to 4 months to be solved from the date of application. Sometimes one can get the expedited order in the interim period to protect the complainant.

One must know about the purpose of applying for PPOs.

PPO cannot be used as a method of taking revenge on the other party. The court is not going to entertain such matters.

It is not mandatory for the user for someone to engage a lawyer. But it will be advisable as the PPO cases can be mainly heard via a trial. This is mainly necessary to the way of preparing the questions in order to prove their case.

There can also be cross-examination by both parties if needed.

If the PPO orders are being disobeyed, one must immediately file a complaint to the police. The police will first investigate to find out whether or not to charge the offender for the breach of order.

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These are some of the important facts to know about applying for protection orders in Singapore.