Should I Sue After a Slip and Fall?

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Many people suffer from the consequences of slipping and falling every year. According to data, 85% of worker’s compensation claims are linked to employees slipping on smooth floors. Slips and falls are also top contributing factors in most emergency room visits.

Uneven ground, slick or wet floors, defective staircases, debris on public walkways, or cracked sidewalks are the most common hazardous conditions that cause slip and fall. When you happen to be on a property with poorly maintained premises that caused your fall, you can sue for a slip and fall claim.

How To Know If You Qualify For Slip And Fall Claim

You might be a victim of a slip and fall accident but you are unsure if you are legible for an injury claim. The property owner is liable and a slip-and-fall claim is possible if the owner or manager failed to keep the premises safe.

Different conditions will help establish the owner or the manager’s negligence such as the following:

  • Unsafe conditions such as poorly maintained structures, cracks, wet floors, or uneven walkways.
  • If the property owner or the manager knew that unsafe conditions existed yet refused to take action.
  • The property management team failed to warn guests, occupants, visitors, or customers about the hazard. Warnings or signs should be strategically placed within the property to keep everyone safe.

When this happens, the best thing to do foremost is to speak with a lawyer. This will help you determine how to go through the process of the claims process when it comes to medical expenses, loss of compensation, and more.

When Can I File a Claim After Slip and Fall?

The time available to file a slip and fall injury claim depends on the state’s statute of limitations. Each state has a different deadline. Some states only allow victims to file a case for up to 12 months while in other states, victims could have up to 6 years to get their slip and fall case filed.

Knowing your state’s limit is crucial as this could impact the status of your case. It is recommended to file a lawsuit even while in the middle of the insurance negotiation as there is a chance that your case may be thrown out if the statute of limitation is reached. Better be safe than sorry as you will be out of legal options if the deadline is missed.

Contact a Slip and Fall Attorney

Contact a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible to know the best options surrounding your case. Every slip and fall case is unique and an experienced lawyer will ensure you will not be held responsible for your accident.

You do not have to deal with the painful physical suffering that will have to prevent you from living a normal life. You should be compensated for the discomfort, inconvenience, and loss of wages, medical expenses, and burden the accident has caused you.