Everything You Need To Know About Private Land Condemnation

It can be stressful and overwhelming for someone to face a land condemnation of their private property for the first. However, you do not have to get nervous; just be aware of the rights you must do in such situations. 

Several questions will enter your mind. However, these matters are complex and must be tackled carefully. So make sure you get professional help from a Land condemnation lawyer in Hillsville

In most cases, you are compensated for adequately condemning your private land. However, there are some conditions that you can put on your side as it is your privately owned land. 

Here are all the helpful and essential questions that you must be wondering about your land condemnation case. 

What is private condemnation?

A private land condemnation is acquiring a privately owned real estate property of a citizen by a high authority, primarily for public use. It is also called eminent domain in some cases. 

Who has the right to condemn private property?

Only the government and governmental agencies have the right to condemn private property. They can include the state government, other cities, and the town’s local governments. Moreover, they also have the right to possess eminent domain of specific private land, several public properties, and general carriers. The government is the official authority for condemning any property. 

What is the compensation you get in a private land condemnation?

In most cases, the property owner of the real estate can demand the current market rate of their property from the government. The government is entitled to give the compensation you require based on the market rate. 

If only a part of your land is occupied, you can demand the difference rate decrease in the market for that real estate property. 

What actions can I take before the private land gets condemned?

While there are hundreds of options for possible actions before condemning your private property, you must seek help from a professional attorney. An experienced land condemnation attorney will help you figure out your rights and prevent you from making the wrong choices. 

Moreover, the actions you take before the land condemnation of your private property have a prominent impact on your condemnation case. Any wrong or inaccurate actions can negatively impact the compensation you get while you claim your property.

Remember that you are not entitled to sign any documents before consulting them with your lawyer. Moreover, you have every right to file a case against the land condemnation if you are not willing to give up your property.