Discover How the Right Liquor and Lottery Licensing Attorney from Michigan Can Help Keep You Within the Law

Many types of businesses sell lottery tickets and/or liquor to their customers. Some examples of these businesses include restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, clubs, convenience stores, and many others. It is important to pay attention to the ever-changing liquor and lottery licensing laws that govern the sale of these popular items.

These license regulations are subject to rapid change, and businesses can find themselves on the wrong side of the law if they are not careful and diligent. Learn how an experienced liquor and lottery licensing attorney from Michigan, like Barton Morris, can help keep you and your business safe from potential fines, court fees, and even criminal charges in more serious circumstances.

There Are Serious Consequences of Not Following Liquor and Lottery Licensing Laws in MI

Far too many business owners find themselves in a legal mess due to not following the licensing laws in Michigan that oversee lottery and liquor sales. There are serious consequences for failing to abide by the laws, and this can include significant fees, steep court costs and even criminal charges in the worst scenarios.

Most businesses cannot afford to lose their liquor and lottery sales licenses. Most of these business owners do not do this purposely, but the penalties are still the same. A competent liquor and lottery licensing attorney in Michigan can be reached here. This action can be of invaluable assistance in these legal matters.

What Makes Barton Morris Different from the Rest?

This law firm handles all legal matters pertaining to lottery and liquor sales licensing. These experienced attorneys have over 20 solid years of successful practice behind them. Utilizing these legal services can give business owners peace of mind.

Barton Morris prides itself on keeping in close contact with each of their important clients. These clients have many excellent reviews that attest to the character and background of this law firm. The attorneys specialize in these law categories and are constantly researching new regulations to ensure that their knowledge is up to date at all times.

Clients also appreciate this firm’s clear and concise communication style and superior customer service record.

How This Law Firm Can Help Keep Your Licensing Status Safe

This law firm helps businesses in the purchase and transfer of licenses, and the attorneys also assist with municipal and state applications. In addition, the attorneys can assist with hearings.

Legal Help with Getting Liquor Permits

These liquor permits include:

  • Wine tastings
  • Variety of special occasions
  • Storage related assistance
  • Delivery-related permit compliance
  • Fairs and other community events

Local Licensing Applications & Approvals

  • Legal assistance and help with all local licensing regulations
  • Gaining the necessary approvals from municipal sources

Legal Representation for Michigan Liquor Control Code or Other Rule Violations

Many businesses and individuals may find themselves facing a rule violation hearing, and legal representation and legal counsel could help immensely.

Help with Obtaining the Needed New or Transferred Liquor Licenses

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission requires certain steps for gaining a brand-new liquor license as well as dealing with transferred licenses.

Various Strategies to Keep Businesses Compliant Under Local Laws

Barton Morris can also provide streamlined strategies for businesses in order to protect their important liquor licenses. This means following any local laws that pertain to these licenses. This may also include lottery regulation compliance as well.

What Happens When a Business Violates Liquor or Lottery Licensing Rules?

When a business violates the terms and conditions of their liquor license, that business owner is in jeopardy of incurring fines. In some cases, the business could have their license to sell liquor or lottery tickets suspended or revoked.

Violations include:

  • Sale of liquor to underage consumers
  • Violations regarding serving alcohol after hours
  • Selling liquor to obviously intoxicated customers
  • Permitting underage employees to serve or handle liquor or lottery sales
  • Transfers or hiding liquor or lottery licenses are illegal
  • Allowing liquor sales to customers using fake IDs

Find Legal Assistance for Lottery or Liquor Licensing Compliance Today

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