Why Are Divorces Increasing Now?

Many people tend to go for marriage counseling and couples therapy to resolve the issues dwelling in their marriage. However, this is not applicable in every case. This is because some relationships are not meant to last, as there are reasonable issues that may be contributing towards the marriage split. 

Here are some of the reasons why people choose to get divorced. To read more and speak to an attorney, you can click here


Emotional and physical abuse is one of the leading factors in the rising divorce rates. Abusive relationships are extremely draining and cannot be resolved through any type of therapy or counseling. Physical abuse involves hitting or physically harming the other spouse. On the other hand, emotional abuse refers to practices like tripping, name-calling, silent treatment, etc. Often people subconsciously abuse their partners emotionally. Emotional abuse is also used as a method for controlling the partner. 

A lot of people tend to practice endurance in terms of emotionally abusive relationships, as the impact is not physically noticeable. However, it is not healthy to remain in a relationship even if it is not physically visible. The best option is to divorce in such conditions. A lot of people experience domestic violence in their marriages. If you have been in a similar situation, make sure to contact an attorney to get the required legal guidance for managing your case effectively. 

Substance Abuse

A lot of people also end their marriages when they have a partner who engages in the consumption of liquor or drugs regularly. This significantly affects both the spouses and their emotional health as the regular consumption of illicit substances results in a waste of money and abstinence from responsibilities. A lot of addicts tend to get Abusive after regular consumption. If you have been experiencing a similar situation where your spouse has transformed into an addict, it is suggested to get a divorce to protect yourself. The addiction results in changed behavior, mood swings, and alterations in hygiene, appetite, and sleep schedule as well. It also leads to a waste of money and paranoia among the spouses. 


Many people tend to get divorced because of incompatibility in their relationship. This is generally when their goals or beliefs do not align. Every couple has its differences. However, if the differences start overpowering the positives of the relationship, it is bound to end their marriage.