Getting Great Advice from an Estate Planning Lawyer

Appointing a legal guardian is a vital task for any parent or guardian. In addition, currently appointed legal guardians often have to navigate many convoluted laws to help ensure the well-being of the child they are caring for and possibly deal with protection challenges from other less capable providers. Navigating this area of law without the advice of a guardian attorney is a daunting task. While you should always use a custody attorney if possible, understanding the basic facts of legal custody will only help you. You should contact a qualified guardianship attorney immediately if you need legal advice.

For current parents

If you are currently the parent of a minor child, the most common interaction with a custody attorney will be the preparation of your will. Estate Planning Lawyers Melbourne can help with questions and explain how best to write a choice so your child is protected. Your most important task is to establish clear legal responsibility for your child in the event of his death. You should always keep the wording as clear and to the point as possible, and be sure to discuss it with designated parties in advance. You want to avoid surprises if the worst happens and hopefully avoid having to hire trial lawyers in the future.

For current guardians

As the current guardian of a minor child, you have no doubt come across some of the intricacies that make this branch of the law so crowded with trial lawyers. There are several ways to get the award. First, you may be appointed by the state as a guardian. You can also volunteer to take responsibility if the biological parent is found to be unfit. You can also take responsibility if requested by friends or family on the advice of their probate estate planning attorneys.

Regardless of how your ward was appointed, you remain legally responsible until they reach the legal age of majority or until a court decides that the ward is reappointed. The second situation more often requires the permission of trial lawyers and can be a real battle. If you currently have a guardian in the second situation, you are strongly advised to seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer, estate planning attorney, or guardianship attorney if necessary.

If you want to challenge guardianship

There are many situations where, for various reasons, a child may be separated from their parents and placed in a foster caregiver who subsequently becomes the legal protector. You should immediately find trial lawyers to start pleading your case in court. It will take more than estate planning attorneys to get it back.


Understanding the complex precedents and codes associated with the protection of the law is a challenging task that is best left to a lawyer. Don’t try to represent yourself; let a strong lawyer guide you through this difficult process.