DexCoyote Emerges as a Promising Name in the World of Venture Capital

Before, DexCoyote was registered in Delaware, United States, with no centralized headquarters, and most employees were kept anonymous. However, the company intends to shift its registration to the United Arab Emirates and establish a headquarters for developers in Baku, as reported by

March 14 CEO Lama Group inc. (Legal entity of the project) – Kirill Sagitov, published information about the company’s relocation to the United Arab Emirates, which caused a wave of interest among the company’s shareholders and investors.

In the semi-annual report, DexCoyote Investors noted an influx of 130,000 new users, over 16,000 mobile app downloads, 11,000 token holders, and 25,000 investor transactions.

Kirill Sagitov himself thanked the team and investors for the successful launch and well-coordinated work within the project and later announced a number of global updates.

If earlier DexCoyote served as a hub for creating tokens and conducting their IDO, now the company plans to create an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem that can increase user coverage to 40,000,000 users by 2025.

It offers app service as well to enhance the user experience of almost 150,000 members, and over 130,000 users participated in AirDrop. HOWL is also it’s native digital asset which is accessible at Pancake Swap, the most popular automated market maker. 10 billion HOWL tokens are currently circulating in the market: 20% of the tokens are set aside for sales, 20% for referral programs, and 5% for project teams.

It also enables new project to create and distribute native tokens for their network using the free service. Separate cryptocurrency token on the website using a range of different networks can also be created. Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, or Polygon all network are supported for this purpose. It merely take 1-3 minutes to release this created token and creator is allow to manage it through his wallet. Ceating tokens is such a flexible process that user can add some functions, such as burning or freezing. The application enables users to use IDO or AirDrop to gather an audience for their community in addition to the token generator.

It provides the best user experience as:

  • Free, new and own tokens can be created and managed through wallet.
  • The easy to use and accessible app experience is worthy.
  • Various blockchains are connected to it.
  • The process is very quick and efficient.
  • It’s charges are incredibly fair as a fee of 1% of total sales, which is more than 5X times less than similar projects.

DexCoyote is a perfect platform for anyone who is passionate to start exploring blockchain technology. It’s website provide perfect check and balance to it’s user experience. You’re now allowed to create your own cryptocurrency that can only be nmanaged by your wallet. So why waiting and hurry up! Get benefited by this amazing opportunity.