Areas a Family Lawyer Can Help You With

Female Friend Helping Senior Woman To Complete Last Will And Testament At Home

Family lawyers conduct work across a range of legal matters. As the name would suggest, family law is a legal practice of areas that specifically focus on family matters. This can encompass matters ranging from divorce and child custody to assets and financial settlements.

A family lawyer can also act as a mediator between parties who are attempting to resolve a dispute without it proceeding to litigation. However, if a dispute does progress to the courtroom, a family lawyer can then represent litigants in a court setting.

If you’re thinking of hiring a family lawyer, it might help to first gain a better understanding of what a family lawyer does and whether they’re the right kind of lawyer for you. Here are several areas a family lawyer can help you with.


Unfortunately, you may have reached a point in your marriage where divorce has become a consideration or an outright desire by one or both parties involved. The issue of divorce itself can be a confusing one to navigate, and even more so due to the inevitable emotional toll a divorce application can take.

Family lawyers can guide you through the process of divorce smoothly and with minimal stress and disruption to your everyday life. A family lawyer can assist you in lodging the application for divorce and help parties fairly split liabilities and assets. A good family lawyer should help all parties involved to reach a settlement without the matter proceeding to court.

Child Custody

Another area that family lawyers work in is helping couples navigate the issue of child custody in the event of separation or divorce. Enlisting the services of a family lawyer in this regard can be very important, as this particular issue can be highly sensitive. If a couple isn’t on amicable terms, communication can deteriorate quite quickly. A family lawyer can help couples decide parenting share between the individuals whilst also assisting in the planning of any future arrangements for the child or children involved.


Some family lawyers can help families navigate the issue of wills prior to or when a loved one has passed away. A family lawyer experienced in wills and estates can help individuals prepare and update their wills as needed. They can also assist family members who wish to contest a will in the event that they feel a will does not make fair provisions for them or if they feel their deceased family member was not in a stable frame of mind when writing the will.

Asset and Financial Settlement

As relationships progress, assets such as cash, stocks and property often become intertwined. In the event of a relationship breakdown or separation, it can be difficult to come to a resolution on which assets belong to which individual. Family lawyers experienced in asset settlement can help a former couple fairly decide who gets the house, cars or any other assets in a divorce or separation. They can also advise on any legal rights or entitlements the parties might not be privy to.