A Quick Summary of Multibillion Dollar Rail Related Whistleblower Lawsuit 

Profile of Nan Inc 

Nan Inc is one of the biggest successful projects designed by Patrick Shin. This South Korean entrepreneur put his hard earned dollars to found this construction company based in Honolulu, capital city of Hawaii. Whether it is a small bridge reconstruction or a heavy airport designing, it leads with superb success in implementation of all projects. 

Who Is Patrick Shin?

Patrick Shin acts as a main founder and CEO to control the management of Nan Inc, the premium construction company in Honolulu. 

The Seeds of Controversy 

In Hawaii, legal obligations are strict for house builders and constructors. Government does not indulge money laundering and fraudulence in any construction work. In 2019, the founder of Nan Inc prevails lawsuit hit the media and newspapers with his updates over the most complicated rail related billion dollars worth whistle-blowing case. The company faced the critical situation due to such controversial prosecution imposed on the management relating the bribery case. Bosko Petricevic, the former in-house counsel of this brand construction company got suspension letter from the CEO of the company. He moved to the court with his allegations to ignite the fire of insurgency. He blamed Patrick that his company had the nexus with the government officers to do fake deals illegally to pass the multibillion dollars valued tenders. This transaction was not lawful. Patrick denied this type of claim. 

Facts about the Multibillion Rail Related Whistleblower Lawsuit 

  • Bosko charged that Nan Inc was the source of corruption to do unlawful bootlicking for own interest. 
  • His allegations were heard by the judge and the juries in the city court of Hawaii. 
  • Nan Inc, the construction company, influenced government employees to win the projects illegally. 
  • The court wants sound evidence to whistleblowing and rail related corruption. 
  • Patrick was also present with supportive statements to repute the counter claim of the plaintiff. 
  • Eventually, the judgment or the verdict went to Patrick
  • The judge told Bosko that he had no specific evidence or paper to confirm the ill motivation of the company behind such fraudulence. 
  • Bosko’s allegations were turned down. 

The court is hereby positive to declare its verdict which gives the full-scale support to Patrick refusing all the charges and unnecessary harassments caused by opponent party. This construction company has been working over the last 30 years with reputation. All employees and working staff members of the management are fair, honest as well as committed to work with others without unfair means.