Green Card: Everything You Need To Know To Obtain The Green Card

The green card using SimVisa for example offers its holder the opportunity to reside legally and permanently in the United States and to enjoy almost the same rights as an American citizen. There are different ways to obtain a Green Card when you want to expatriate, settle and live in the USA. We will explain the main ones to you and invite you to follow our advice to keep the sweet sesame once it is delivered. Be careful; one false step and the green card can be withdrawn.

What Is The Green Card?

The American green card, or “Green Card” (but not as it is sometimes found on the internet: green cart USA ), is similar to a long-stay visa which automatically confers permanent resident status in the USA. Compared to a traditional visa, obtaining it makes life easier for happy holders, including staying free and carrying out any professional activity without needing authorization.

Thus, once granted, you can freely:

  • Work
  • To study
  • Move freely on American soil
  • Crossing borders
  • Move / Move in
  • Live your retirement

Generally speaking, a green card holder enjoys the same rights as an American, except for the right to vote. But above all, possessing this famous card represents a major asset if the ultimate objective is to obtain American citizenship. It is possible to make an official request after 5 years of detention or even only three years in certain cases (including marriage to an American citizen).

How To Keep The Green Card? 

That’s it; you have finally obtained the precious Green Card! Be careful, though; it is also easy to lose and difficult to obtain! Indeed, it is possible to lose your green card and permanent resident status in the United States. One of the main reasons for this loss is the non-declaration of his tax during a stay abroad or the fact of declaring himself as a non-resident on his tax form. A prolonged stay abroad can also result in the loss of the Green Card since the immigration officer may interpret it as an abandonment of the Green Card.

If you have to stay more than six months abroad and do not want to lose your permanent resident status, you will have to prove that you have not renounced it. To do this, always complete your tax form as a US resident and keep an address in the US. Also, keep your US driver’s license, a US bank account, and a credit card.

If you have to be away for more than a year, apply for a re-entry or re-entry permit before leaving American soil. It is a kind of booklet similar to a passport and valid for two years from the date of issue. You are thus assured of being able to return to the United States without difficulty and keep your permanent resident title.