Why You Need A Prenuptial Agreement In Spokane And How To Create One

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The prenuptial agreement is a contract signed between the couple before the wedding and which previously establishes the conditions related to a possible divorce and rules for coexistence.

A few lessons on legislation for everyone to be better informed. After all, family law is often confusing, even for lawyers but not Hodgson Law Offices.

This document defines, for example, how the couple defines particularities regarding their property regime, custody of children in the event of a divorce, establishing rules in the relationship, and establishing penalties in case of non-compliance. And can also impose conditions so that these rules are followed. 

First, the couple must talk openly about the subject and define what they seek to formalize in this document. Remember that the terms must be decided by mutual agreement, and no one should be coerced into signing what they disagree with. 

Then, the parties must seek a lawyer specializing in family and inheritance law and agree on the terms for drafting the contract. As stated, for it to be considered valid, the document must be created through a public deed and registered at the Property Registry Office of the city where the couple will reside. 

Another important detail is that the document must be registered before marriage. There is no exact rule for how long before. In any case, if the marriage is not carried out for some reason, the document loses its validity. It only applies after the wedding takes place. 

On the other hand, if the couple has already celebrated the union and still wishes to formalize an agreement, judicial authorization will be necessary to make the agreement during the union. After the wedding, it is important to know that this prenuptial agreement must be registered at your city’s Property Registry Office. Few people know this and only find out when they need to register.

Necessary Documents

For the pact to be written in the form of a public deed, the following documents from the bride and groom are required:

RG (original);

CPF (original);

If you are divorced or widowed, you must present the marriage certificate with the endorsement of divorce or death, respectively;

If you are a widower, you must bring the deceased’s death certificate.

If you want to list assets that existed before the union, bring an updated property certificate. For example, take a copy of the vehicle’s CRLV if it is a car.

If you are interested in finding out more about the prenuptial agreement or are even looking for a lawyer specializing in family and inheritance law like spokane prenuptial agreement attorney for example to prepare your document, get in touch and schedule an appointment so I can evaluate your case.