Why You Need A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

The statistics for pedestrian accidents in the US are grim. Every year, drivers knock down approximately 80,000 people across the country. About 6% of these accidents are fatal for the pedestrians while those who do not lose their lives suffer devastating injuries. Now, it does not matter if the person behind the wheel was driving a truck, an SUV or sedan. If you have been involved in an automobile accident as a pedestrian, the smart move is to consult an experienced and competent accident lawyer. Below are some ways your pedestrian accident lawyer can help you.

Filing a Lawsuit on Time

In many cases, when a driver knocks down a pedestrian, getting justice can be a complex and difficult process. This is because the laws pertaining to personal injury compensation for accident victims are complicated. One wrong move on your part could spoil your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. In addition, most of these cases come with a statute of limitations. It follows that if you do not start the process on time, you might lose the case. This is why you should consult an experienced accident lawyer as soon as possible. This way, your legal expert will start working on your behalf almost immediately.

Excellent Legal Advice

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the other party might be liable to both criminal and civil litigation. Since you are not an expert in accident law, you might not know this. However, if you have the right legal expert in your corner, this lawyer will give you expert advice. This increases your chances of success in both the civil and criminal aspects of the case in question.

Out-Of-Court Settlement

In some cases, an accident victim might negotiate with the driver or even representatives of the driver’s insurance company. Clearly, this is a bad move for a number of reasons. First off, the other party might try to out-smart you because of your inexperience. Again, the other party may offer you much less than you deserve. The smart move is to get an excellent lawyer involved in the process. Your legal expert will negotiate on your behalf. This ensures you get the right compensation from the other party.

Filing an Appeal

In some cases, you might not get a favorable judgment at the lower court. This does not mean you should abandon all hope of success. An excellent lawyer will appeal to a higher court. The appellate court will review the case and set aside the judgment of the lower court. This way, you get the compensation you deserve from the appellate court.

Legal Technicalities

In many instances, cases are won or lost because of legal technicalities. If you are not a lawyer, you will be unfamiliar with all the twists and turns of pedestrian accident law. Hire the right lawyer and this expert will use his or her knowledge of the law to get you a favorable judgment.

Final Word

As you can see, an attorney like this NYC pedestrian accident lawyer, is the right person to consult if a driver knocks you down. Get the right expert and you can be sure of a favorable judgment when the case goes to court.