Every day, there are dozens of vehicle crashes in Sherman Oaks. According to the California Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Los Angeles had 17,966 crashes in 2021, resulting in 11,000 injuries. Many residents of Sherman Oaks are at risk of being involved in a collision at one point or another. Call a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured. Keep these things in mind.


Once you are satisfied that the accident scene is safe and all parties have received the medical attention they require, call the Sherman Oaks Police Department to file a report. The next step is to take detailed photos of the scene. You should then take photos of the cars, the scene, road conditions, debris, and injuries. Collect the contact information for anyone involved, as well as any witnesses. Keep track of information such as the exact location, weather conditions, and your activities before the incident. More detail is better. You can take pictures using your phone and record video. Then, use a notepad and write down information such as license plate numbers, driver’s license numbers, vehicle make/model, and other details. Keep the data you take with your phone. It will be useful to your personal injury lawyer to build your case.


It’s tempting to claim that you were in an accident, but be careful about posting about it online. It is impossible to erase anything once it has been posted online. Talk about the accident and everything related, including your car, personal injury attorneys atlanta ga, other victims, and your injuries. Insurance companies might have investigators or claims adjusters reviewing your social media in order to determine if there is evidence that could lower the value of your claim.


Call a Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. You may be asked for more information by the other party, such as your insurance coverage and deductibles. Your lawyer may advise that you only give the essential information to the other party and not provide them with all the details. The same applies to insurance companies. Talk to your lawyer before you speak to any insurance company. If insurance companies contact you, they don’t have to talk with you. You can use any information you give, even if it’s to your insurance company, to reduce the settlement you might receive.

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