Understanding Sex Crime Of The Third Degree

Wrapping someone in violation of the law is a tricky offence. A person considered a victim by the state might not see themselves in that role. The injured party might have willfully been involved in a connection, including a sex activity, with you. However, the state describes your connection as a CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT 3RD DEGREE given who the victim is, not since they felt wronged, and you could endure a felony conviction because you became romantically involved at 17 years with a person who is 15 or was in a romantic relationship with somebody you assumed was over consenting age. Teens who have intercourse with a partner under 16 are often prosecuted with statutory rape, as are adults who had no idea their partner was underage.

Consequences Of A Third-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • An approximate 15-year prison term
  • A conviction as a sex offender stays on your record forever
  • Court fees and criminal fines can add up quickly.
  • Mandatory sex offender registration with public disclosure of identity and criminal history details.
  • Because of these restrictions, finding a location to call home or a job is challenging.
  • You may be unable to find work, or you may find that you are fired because of your criminal record.
  • Professional licenses in education, law, nursing, and pharmacy may be revoked or denied.

Criminal Consequences

Sexual battery constitutes a felony of the third degree. If found guilty, you could spend up to 15 years in prison. If you have a prior conviction for a crime of “first,” “second,” or “third” degree criminal sexual conduct or for a crime of “rape,” “carnal knowledge,” “indecent liberties,” “gross indecency,” or “attempt to commit” any of these in another state, you could face a minimum sentence of five years in prison.

The Supreme Court has declared that judges have the authority to choose “reasonable” penalties for criminal convictions and are not bound by the sentencing guidelines enacted by the state legislature. An accomplished criminal defence attorney can shed light on how this may affect the outcome of your case.

Securing a not guilty verdict in a third-degree sexual conduct case

The charge of sex crimes can be complicated since it can be brought even if the victim gave their consent and you did not intend to conduct a sex offence. A competent criminal defence attorney, however, may be able to assist you.