Uncontested divorce in Huntsville: How long does it take?

Nothing is more complex than dealing with the breakdown of your marriage. Filing for divorce in Huntsville doesn’t have to be challenging, especially if your spouse wants the same things. An uncontested divorce is the easiest and quickest way to finalize the process without the need to spend huge. While you don’t need a lawyer as far as laws are concerned, hiring a Huntsville divorce attorney can help you handle things better. Most separating couples are usually interested in knowing how long it will take to get a decree with an uncontested divorce. Below, you can find an overview of the basics.

The basics

As the name suggests, an uncontested divorce requires both parties to agree to the decision. You and your spouse must also come to an agreement on critical issues, including child support, alimony, parenting schedules, and division of assets. Once the initial paperwork is done right and filed, you will still have to wait for 30 days to finalize the divorce. The 30-day cooling-off period is mandatory for all divorces in Alabama, including uncontested divorces. Remember that many county courts may have a backlog of cases and be busier than usual, which may cause further delays.

Contested vs. uncontested divorce

Contested divorces take much longer, primarily because couples don’t always agree to the abovementioned aspects. Your best bet is to resolve things with your spouse without getting the court involved, as you will have better control over the process. In a contested divorce, proceedings can take a considerably long time, often years, and eventually, the court may decide things for the spouses. In an uncontested divorce, if things are agreed upon, it is possible to initiate the proceedings online, and you will never have to visit the court. From start to finish, uncontested divorces can take a few weeks, depending on how things are handled. This is also a reason to hire an attorney so that there are no mistakes in the filing that can delay the divorce.

Get an attorney

To file for an uncontested divorce in Huntsville, you have to draft a marital settlement agreement, which will detail everything related to the division of assets, debts, and properties, besides things like child support and child custody arrangements. Your lawyer can help with the legal process and ensure all required formalities are completed on time. Call an attorney to initiate the process online and finalize things without worrying about legal jargon.