Types of Real Estate Lawyers


There is no denying the magic that exists in real estate. Real estate investments offer infinite outlooks on an endless number of opportunities. However, it can be one of the most stressful careers, especially if you have never been through a real estate transaction before. Here are the major types of real estate lawyers you will typically see in any city or state.

The Transactions Real Estate Lawyer

This real estate lawyer can cover anything from buying a home for the first time to a developer’s project that caters to the land-owning community. The lawyers are knowledgeable in every stage of acquisition. They are well-versed in the traditional property cycle phases, from purchasing the land to building it and then selling or renting it out. These lawyers could be asked whether they prefer commercial or residential real estate transactions.

The Specialization Real Estate Lawyer

The specialization real estate law Orlando-based lawyer specializes in a particular niche area of real estate transactions. For example, this could be a lawyer who has worked with communities for over 20 years. The lawyers have probably built up a solid understanding of handling different land-use situations. They work with homeowners, developers, and commercial property owners. Having such a deep understanding of the local area ensures that every transaction is handled efficiently.

 The Conveyancing Real Estate Lawyer

The conveyancing real estate lawyer is the bridge between the buyer and seller. They are also involved in all aspects of the transaction. Some of their roles include signing off on contracts and working with legal documents. The lawyers also ensure that all parties are fully aware of what they need to do to complete a property transaction. They are often asked to help during any genuine estate-related dispute, too.

 The Litigation Real Estate Lawyer

The litigation real estate lawyer has years of experience in property litigation. This lawyer is usually called upon when a dispute arises. They are skilled in handling any new challenges with real estate transactions. The lawyer helps ensure that the law serves justice to all parties involved in the transaction. They can also prevent issues around zoning or community development before they arise. This is the lawyer you want on your side if you end up in court for any reason.

The Tax Real Estate Lawyer

Finally, the tax real estate lawyer is essential for any real estate transaction. The legal experts work hard to ensure you receive all the proper tax deductions. They are well-versed in IRS rules and regulations that may directly affect your land or property. They help make sure that you fulfill all of your tax filing responsibilities for each transaction. These lawyers are also familiar with how to handle best all property assessment issues. This means they can resolve them before they become problems.

In real estate investments, it is vital to ensure that every step of the way is handled with the utmost care. Investors can achieve this by investing in an excellent real estate lawyer. With this, they will be able to prevent many of the hurdles that can come up during a home purchase or corporate sale. This can also help save time and hassle throughout the process.