The Singapore Divorce Process: Everything You Need To Know

According to recent data from the Ministry of Social And Family Development or the MSF, contested and uncontested divorce rates in Singapore have been rising. More and more couples are filing marriage dissolutions—especially those with their spouse for five to ten years. Not everyone is keen on seeing this increase in the number of individuals separating from their partners. However, many are pleased to hear that more people are prioritising themselves and choosing to walk away from relationships that no longer make them happy.

In a study published by BlackBox, a decision science solutions provider in the city-state, residents have various thoughts on why more and more people are undergoing the Singapore divorce process lately. According to them, couples choose to walk away from their marriage due to infidelity, miscommunication, incompatibility, familial and societal pressure, intimacy issues, and financial problems. Since women have become more economically independent in this modern world, they no longer have to stay in a failing relationship to support themselves and their children.


Moreover, the study revealed that couples have been filing contested or uncontested divorce since society no longer thinks that marriage is not as relevant as before. Divorce is no longer frowned upon in society, which gives people confidence in turning their backs on relationships that do not make them happy. If the authorities never legalised divorce, countless individuals would remain in abusive and unsatisfying marriages, affecting their overall well-being and lowering their quality of life.

If you plan on undergoing the Singapore divorce process, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure its success. You should research this legal procedure, learn about its benefits and risks, and understand how it will affect you, your spouse, and your children—if any.


What You Should Know About The Singapore Divorce Process

Undergoing the Singapore divorce process can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking, especially if you have no idea how it works and what you can expect from the procedure. However, not understanding this process should not stop you from asking the experts to dissolve your marriage and help you free yourself from a relationship that no longer satisfies you or your partner.

To help you understand and prepare for the Singapore divorce process, here’s everything you should know about it:

A. Divorce Can Be Contested Or Uncontested

Residents can file for a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore. In a contested marriage dissolution, you and your partner will have to attend public open court hearings to settle your differences and help you compromise to resolve your issues.

On the other hand, an uncontested divorce can happen inside a private judge’s chambers since you and your spouse have already agreed upon your asset and debt distribution, child care and custody arrangements, and other related matters.

Since you will still need to settle various issues in a contested marriage dissolution, the process may take more or less than a year to complete—as opposed to uncontested divorce proceedings that usually last for a few months.

B. Divorce Is Only Acceptable With Valid Grounds

Courts only approve marriage dissolutions if they fit into specific grounds for divorce in Singapore. Under the city-state’s laws, the authorities only accept a single reason—the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage.

You and your lawyer can prove that your relationship with your spouse has broken down in various ways, starting with adultery and unreasonable behaviour. You can also file for a dissolution of your marriage if your partner deserted you for at least two years or has separated from you for no less than four years. If your partner has consented to your contested or uncontested divorce, separation for at least three years will be an acceptable reason to dissolve your relationship.

C. Divorce Can Cost Up To $35,000

Divorce in Singapore can cost $35,000—but only if you and your spouse cannot settle your issues amicably. This staggering amount may not even include fees for GST or disbursements. If you and your spouse agree on getting an uncontested divorce, you can pay $1,500 to file your marriage dissolution.

You should convince your partner to resolve your differences by yourselves or with the help of a mediation expert if you want to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars for your separation. Doing so will also shorten your waiting period for the court’s decision since you have already settled your issues and filed an uncontested divorce with terms that please both parties.


D. Divorce Application And Approval Can Take Years

Believe it or not, the Singapore divorce process can take over a year to resolve—especially if you filed a contested marriage dissolution. If you and your partner cannot agree on anything despite having a mediator, you will need to attend lengthy court hearings to resolve various marital matters.

If you filed an uncontested divorce in Singapore, you could hear the court’s resolution within six months or more. Since the authorities will have fewer matters to check since you and your partner have settled your differences, they can release their decision sooner and allow you to officially part ways with your spouse without waiting for years.

E. Divorce Lawyers Are Not Required But Recommended

Lawyers are not required when undergoing the Singapore divorce process. You can research this legal procedure and file the request for marriage dissolution by yourself without seeking help from an expert. But choosing not to hire a lawyer for your divorce will not exempt you from the required court proceedings. You will still undergo a similar procedure to have your dissolution request approved—but you will not receive assistance or guidance from an expert attorney.

Not having a divorce lawyer in Singapore may cut the cost of the process, but having a legal expert beside you throughout the procedure will minimise your anxiety and confusion. They will help you understand the divorce process and walk you through the steps you should take to ensure a successful marriage dissolution.

Are You Planning To File A Divorce?

Filing a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore can be overwhelming, specifically if a blanket of emotions covers you after thinking about ending your relationship with your spouse. While you can let these feelings consume you, do not let them take over and keep you from walking away from your failing marriage. You can refer to the guide above or seek help from a legal expert to learn about the Singapore divorce process and prepare yourself to undergo it.

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