The Importance of Court Reporters and Why You Need One

A court reporter may seem like an unnecessary addition to the courtroom to someone unfamiliar with the legal system. They sit quietly in the front of the courtroom, far away from the action, typing away on their keyboards. However, individuals who are familiar with how the legal system works understand that the court reporter is just as crucial to the proceedings as the judge, the attorneys, and the witnesses. Without a court reporter present, it is really a violation of the law for a trial to proceed. The Court Reporter Statute mandates the recording of certain types of proceedings in federal courts. However, civil proceedings and other aspects of the legal system are codified at the state and local levels. In certain cases, judges may choose to use a recording device instead of a court reporter, but in most cases, a certified court reporter must be used since an accurate transcript of the case is necessary.

Which Brings Us to This Particular Document

To accurately and completely document what happens in court, the court reporter must undergo extensive training in the law, courtroom processes, legal vocabulary, and medical terminology, among other areas. The court reporter must also master the stenotype machine in order to transcribe speech at a rate of 225 words per minute. In the end, a written transcript is made from the recording and filed with the court clerk as part of the case’s official record. For the purpose of analysis, attorneys involved in the case may seek a copy of the transcript, and during the duration of the trial, the transcript may be consulted by the judges and attorneys.

In the case of an appeal, transcripts become even more crucial pieces of evidence. The right to file an appeal is a crucial part of the American legal system, and an accurate record of all previous court proceedings is necessary to exercise that right. A full or partial transcript may be submitted with an appeal, and courts often consult them while deciding whether or not to uphold a motion to dismiss.

Involvement in the Judicial System

The court reporters kauai play an essential role in the judicial system in more ways than just providing the transcript. Another purpose of their existence is to raise people’s consciousness as a consequence of their presence. The presence of a court reporter heightens everyone’s awareness that everything spoken is being recorded and may be used as evidence in the case. Since this is the case, more care must be used throughout all of these procedures.


Experts in their field, court reporters are counted on to contribute significantly throughout both trials and depositions. Court reporters are typically expected to attend court, despite the fact that they take a more supporting role in the courtrooms shown in legal thrillers. The court reporters are responsible for maintaining an accurate record, thus they may regularly raise their voices to ask for recitations, insist that witnesses respond with words rather than hand signals, and limit each attorney’s time at the microphone to a single statement at a time. They may be asked to read from the recording or to pay attention to where stress is placed.