The Call for Justice for Deshon Johnson

It is devastating to see a group of people fighting for their right to live. The phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ originated in a country which is one of the most powerful and influential one in the world, the U.S.A. the country that is known for being the forerunner in so many things, has been grabbing the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Last few years have seen black people like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor being murdered. The whole thing created a stir in the world and ire came down from all the sects of the society. People are also calling for Justice for Deshon Johnson.

The case of Johnson

The life of Hip-Hop artist Deshon Johnson ended in just 23 years as he was brutally overrun by a Coach USA bus driver Wilson Romaine. The young man who was waiting for the bus, knocked the door to ask the driver to open it. Rather than opening the door, Wilson ran Deshon over dragging the body 50-100 feet. The incident that happened on 18th July 2012 had clear evidence and eyewitnesses. But the cases went in favor of USA Coach due to Essex County Poor Investigation on Deshon Johnson’s case and people are eagerly looking for Justice for Coach USA Victims. More and more people are getting involved as NJ Transit and Coach USA pedestrian’s victims lives matter. A driver with such a horrific history is enjoying everything while our Deshon, who could have been a star by now, is long gone. 

Here is a call for justice for the 23-year-old victim who could have done so much in this world. Along with it there is a need for the system to wake up and bring the wrong doers before the bar.