How to find out who is liable for your car accident?

Auto accident involving two cars on a city street

In a car accident, one person will always be at fault. But identifying the offender is challenging as no one accepts their mistake and blames the incident on the other person. Therefore, the authorities, i.e., the police and the court, ultimately decide who is responsible for the mishap. Moreover, the entire decision of insurance coverage is also determined by who is at fault. In any car accident, the driver is responsible as due to their negligence, the incident took place. And the entire investigation of who is liable for the accident is based on recognizing who was the negligent one. So what are the factors that determine who is accountable? According to Tuite Law lawyers, here is how:

  1. Property Damage: One of the first things the police or the insurance company will consider is the damage to your property. The type of damage can also help determine who was at fault. For instance, if your car boot is damaged, it is evident that the driver behind you is responsible for the accident.
  2. Injuries: Although injuries alone cannot determine who was at fault, sometimes a doctor can detail how the injuries occurred. Hence, if you have been in an accident and faced injuries, you should seek medical help. Your medical report will help your lawyer or the police highlight how the accident occurred and who was at fault.
  3. CCTV footage: One of the most crucial pieces of evidence considered to prove who was responsible for the accident is surveillance footage. If the spot where the accident took place has an active camera, the police will fetch the footage and identify the liable person.
  4. Forensic Report: Whenever there is an accident, the police call for the forensic team to determine how the incident happened. A forensic expert will analyze all the factors like police reports, eye-witnesses statements, medical records, and other things to identify who was at fault. 

A car accident can be emotionally and financially stressful, and sometimes it might occur due to negligence. According to a study, most car accidents happen when the driver is driving under the influence. Therefore, we are always advised to drive responsibly as an accident impacts you and many people on the road. However, if the accident was due to some other person’s negligence, like your family or friends, but you are the car owner, the driver will face the consequences. But you will have to bear some of the financial burdens. Moreover, if the accident occurred due to the other driver’s irresponsible driving, you can also claim compensation.