How Can I Navigate Dog Bite Cases?

Have you suffered from a dog bite? Or do you know someone who has? Dog bites can be dangerous to your health, and thus you should seek medical attention immediately. Dog bite victims can experience traumatic occasions resulting in emotional or physical harm. The good thing is that dog bite victims are entitled to legal compensation and representation for injuries sustained. Dog bite lawyers come in handy in such cases, and victims understand their rights and get compensation. Check out dog bite lawyer Austin Shrum Law Office for highly experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.    

Reasons You Should Get a Dog Bite Lawyer

 Getting a dog bite lawyer allows you access to legal services customized to address dog bite cases particularly. Here are some reasons you should consider getting a dog bite lawyer. 

They help in Collecting Evidence.

Bite lawyers help clients gather enough evidence regarding their cases by conducting thorough investigations. These professionals collect various evidence such as surveillance footage, medical records, witness statements and injury photos. This way, you can strengthen the case and prove liability as well. 

They Help in Case Strategy and Evaluation

Hiring a dog bite lawyer allows them to analyze and evaluate in-depth details of your dog bite during the first consultation. This analysis helps in better understanding the circumstances surrounding the accident. Also, they can assess liability and calculate the possible value of your claim. Therefore, you cannot be exploited by the party involved or the insurer and will be guaranteed fair compensation. 

Help Establish Liability and Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Dog bite lawyers dedicate their time to determining the responsible party’s liability in an incident. Establishing liability entails examining different aspects like a violation of animal control regulations, dog owner negligence, history of aggression or any other evidence that supports your claim. A reputable lawyer will do their best to gather relevant information that proves the dog owner’s negligence leading to the injuries. 

On the other hand, dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, especially if you lack knowledge. Besides, insurance companies will always try to make payments favouring them and not the victim. Your lawyer can handle all negotiations and communications with the insurer guaranteeing favourable compensation. 

Offers Court Representation

Sometimes it can be challenging to arrive at fair compensation through negotiations. As a result, there will be legal intervention, thus presenting the case in court. When this happens, you will need a professional who understands the laws properly. A dog bite attorney can help you develop a strong case, advocate for your rights before the court and present compelling arguments. Besides, the attorney will always fight to ensure you are compensated fairly, following all the damages. 

What Compensation Claim is Available Regarding Dog Bite Claims?

Dog bite victims can be eligible for different forms of compensation depending on the depth of the injury and circumstances around the case. They include the following:

Suffering and pain

Lost wages

Property damage

Punitive damages

Scarring or disfiguring

Medical expenses

Emotional stress