How Can An Online Lawyer Support You

Be aware that lawyers or Lawyer for Business for example can also support you in non-professional issues: family law, criminal law, social security law, private international law, etc. There are even options for individuals to consult a lawyer for free (if you are an individual, consult this website to find out more).

1 – You Am Creating My Business, And You Need Statutes

 The creation of a company involves a certain number of administrative and legal procedures, but also important choices to be made when you complete these documents: taxation, the operation of your future company, social security, etc. And even if the web is full of information on the subject, it is often difficult to find your way around (or even simply to sort out the false from the truth on the various websites that exist today).

A lawyer can help you set up your business in several ways: 

By giving you reliable and up-to-date information on the law

By giving you benchmarks based on his experience with his clients (Most of my clients who start as craftsmen have chosen)

By filling out and following up on the files, you will have to send them to the various administrations (indicating the documents to be provided, checking that your file is not at risk of being refused by the Registry, etc.)

2 – One Of My Clients Refuses To Pay: What To Do? Should You Sue Him?

25% of bankruptcies are due to late payments. These situations are very difficult for an entrepreneur to live with: your cash flow probably does not allow you to suffer this type of delay. But you may not want to conflict with your client either directly. The law offers several tools to manage this type of disagreement with a client (from mediation to direct action with a court), but it is still necessary to know which tool can be used. A lawyer like Buy or Sell Business Attorney in New York State for example can give you visibility on the existing solutions and, if necessary, put you in touch with a lawyer who can advise you directly on the actions to be taken or even represent you directly. 

3 – You Have To Close My Business. What Are The Procedures? Are There Any Pitfalls To Avoid?

Just like the creation of your company (and perhaps even more), closing your company will involve a lot of steps, which you will have to carry out without making any mistakes: you do not want the subject to reappear in several years. For the anecdote: know that one of our clients contacted us on the Captain Contract platform because the closure of her company had not been properly carried out in the 1990s. This person found himself forced to repeat the process almost thirty years later, with all the setbacks you can imagine: the impossibility of getting their hands on missing documents, key information, etc. A lawyer can help you ensure all the steps have been correctly carried out and that you run no risk of seeing the file reappear in 1 year or 30.