Giulia “Julia” Fantacci’s Law Firm Is Doing What They Can To Help Human Trafficking Victims

When someone experiences the trauma of human trafficking, their life changes forever. It’s seemingly impossible to forget that time of uncertainty and some struggle with moving on. Even as time passes on, memories last a lifetime.

After being smuggled into a different country, some immigrants are left without documentation while stranded in the United States. If the goal is to stay in the United States and build a life, Abogada Julia – GF Immigration Law has a way to find fast solutions for all. From the early stages of figuring out the T-Visa application process to working towards a Green Card, the law firm always hopes to help those in need.

The Goal of GF Immigration Law

Abogada Julia – GF Immigration Law, represents survivors who had to deal with human trafficking in the US. Once that terrible time in their life passes, so many are left wondering what’s next. From the legal side, GF Immigration Law helps individuals fight for legal status and gives them a better life overall.

Giulia Fantacci originally became inspired to work directly with human trafficking survivors after seeing so many struggles up close. In 2020, she decided to start GF Immigration Law to focus solely on this niche within immigration law.

People still need plenty of other assistance when recovering from a human trafficking incident. From medical assistance to mental health help, proper treatment works better when started earlier. One way to cover those costs is to get everything legally squared away in the United States. 

Early Success

Many find out the hard way that the US legal system is very complex, even for those with some background in law. For people coming from another country and possibly not speaking English as a first language, it’s virtually impossible to apply for protection before it’s too late.

Focusing early on with a T-Visa provides some level of security for survivors. With a T-Visa, it is a non-immigrant option that automatically allows victims to either re-enter or remain in the United States to live and work. Initially introduced in 2000 through the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, it helps protect victims immediately as they face uncertainty.

The one stipulation is that survivors must work with law enforcement during the investigation of the trafficking crime. Some aren’t entirely thrilled to do this for one reason or another, but it’s meant to act as a way to protect and prevent future issues.

Many are unaware of a T-Visa and how it works. Having a law firm that can handle the intricate process of applying for one helps out tremendously. Instead of making call after call and trying to track down particular documents, the team at GF Immigration Law takes care of it.

Support Beyond Human Trafficking Survivors

From supporting victims of domestic violence to helping out vulnerable immigrant communities, GF Immigration Law is all about assisting in as many ways as possible. 

Pro Bono and Low Bono Opportunities

Abogada Julia and her team do offer pro bono and low bono opportunities for representation, ensuring that nobody feels like they are left behind because they don’t have the funds to make it happen. Getting everything together to apply for a T-Visa should be a right for all, not just those who are financially well-off.

Their people have gone through the T-Visa process with Fantacci and now have the opportunity to apply for Green Card. After getting a T-Visa, the average time before applying for a Green Card is 1 to 3 years. Every person faces a different pathway that dictates the wait time.

Throughout that time, Fantacci and her team work with individuals to get them heading in the right direction. That can be everything from answering legal questions every step to even aiding with potential job opportunities. Some become so passionate about helping others that they want to work for one of the partnering organizations with GF Immigration Law.

What Clients Say About Abogada Julia

Getting help with a T-Visa and staying safe after becoming a human trafficking survivor can be life-changing. Clients are eager to leave reviews and testimonials after working with Abogada Julia – GF Immigration Law.

Abogada Julia takes pride in what they do. GiuliaFantacci takes the time to talk with every client to figure out how to assist. She never wants a client to feel like the firm isn’t doing anything. Having that support can keep a person motivated and fighting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.