Common Legal Issues Faced By Texas Employees

The federal law of a state ensures that all employees are treated equally and with respect. But most often, these laws are being overlooked by employers, resulting in unfair treatment of the employees. In most cases, the lack of consciousness and knowledge on the part of the employees makes them vulnerable to exploitation. Therefore every employee must know about all the legal issues in the workplace. An employment lawyer Texas can help secure justice and valuable legal advice if one faces any wrongful termination or employment retaliation.

What Are The Most Common Legal Issues Faced By Employees?

Workplace Discrimination: 

This has become a prevailing issue in the workplace, where an employee is discriminated against based on race, disability, color, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and gender. 

Moreover, if a woman is discriminated against and treated inappropriately or barred from getting a promotion because of her pregnancy, it will be considered workplace discrimination. If one faces any of the issues listed above, then an employee can file a lawsuit to claim compensation for the pay in a particular job role or a promotion that they were deprived of due to discrimination. 

Disputes Concerning Overtime: 

Every employee deserves a fair amount of overtime after working a certain amount of hours in a week or a day. The rates for overtime, however, differ from place to place. If one finds that the employer has not paid a fair amount for the extra work that has been done, one is eligible to file a claim to secure the deserving payment from the employer.

Employee Harassment: 

As per federal law, it is illegal to harass an employee. But unfortunately, workplace harassment cases are quite common nowadays. Workplace harassment can be of two types- quid pro quo sexual harassment or harassment due to a belligerent workplace environment. Most employee harassment cases are based on discrimination or providing some benefit in exchange for a sexual favor. Both require immediate legal assistance from an attorney.

Wrongful Termination: 

When an employee is fired for illegal reasons, it can be considered wrongful termination. For instance, if the employer fires an employee after filing for a minimum wage claim, the employee has a wrongful termination case. Even if it is an At-Will state, the employer can’t lay off an employee based on gender, color, religion, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation.

Final Thoughts:

If, as an employee, one is facing any of the legal issues mentioned above, along with other possible legal workplace issues such as minimum wage disputes, or retaliation, one must contact an attorney to seek justice and secure assistance throughout legal procedures.