A Bail Bond Pro Can Help When Jailed After an Arrest

Are you waiting to appear in court on arrest charges and want to get out of jail in the meantime? Consider contacting a professional agent to post a bond to secure your release.

A bonds agent pays bail that could free you from jail, pending a later date in court for your case to be heard. Family and friends may not be available immediately to help you or have the financial resources needed to meet bail amounts. Calling a Lackawanna County bail bonds company familiar with the arrest and release process is crucial to being freed from incarceration as soon as possible.

Get Help From Bail Bonds Agents  

Not all arrests result in automatic jail time and bail requirements. Someone arrested on a lesser charge, such as a speeding offense, may be released on a ticket to appear at a later date before a judge.

In other cases, depending on the seriousness of the situation and charges filed, an accused is held in jail while waiting to appear in court. A judge sets amounts and the terms of bail.

A bail bonds company can help with a variety of bail situations and different types of bonds, including misdemeanor, felony or immigration bonds.

Prepare for the Ticket Price  

Bail can be set for thousands of dollars. The amount is set to assure the court that a defendant will appear as scheduled. Bail may be payable in cash or bond, which is a written obligation.

The amount also is affected by whether the defendant has an arrest or conviction record. The likelihood that a defendant will flee is another factor in determining bail.

A defendant may use personal funds or property to secure a bond and be released from jail. If you, your relatives or friends cannot afford bail, a bonds agent may be able to help. The typical fee for a bonds agent’s services is 10 percent of the bail.

Abide by Release Restrictions

If you are out on bail, understand and abide by the court-set terms of your release.

Besides showing up for court dates, conditions may demand that there be no contact with a complainant and that no other crimes be committed. Violations could result in forfeiture of the bail and issuance by the court of an arrest warrant.

Move Forward While Out on Bail

Being arrested is stressful. Seeking release from jail can be costly and complicated. Working through a professional bonds agent can smooth the process so that you can be free to return to daily life, including making plans to answer criminal charges.