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Passenant & Shearin Law is a Charlotte law firm of well established attorneys who focus on family law. Our attorneys handle a wide range of cases, including divorce, custodial issues, alimony and support, family violence and more.

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Experienced Family Lawyers Taking a Personalized Approach to your Case

When working with our clients, it is important to us that we listen to your side of the story and gain a firm understanding of what you want to accomplish. We work to understand your family dynamics and help you through the challenges involved in your case as efficiently as possible.

Respected Charlotte Attorneys

Charlotte family law attorneys Sheila Passenant and Kristen Shearin and their team are very involved in the local Charlotte community and are highly respected among colleagues and adversaries. We are competent, accessible to our clients and will take the necessary steps to make certain that we protect our clients' rights during the legal process. When represented by a lawyer at our firm, you have a strong advocate on your side who will work diligently toward a favorable outcome, regardless of the complexities of your case.

Representing Union County — Divorce Attorneys Assisting with Child Custody and Related Family Law Matters

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At Passenant & Shearin Law we have attorneys who are licensed in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and California.